Ffh – Undone Lyrics

Open up wide swallow down deep No spoon full of sugar can’t make it sweet The cancer inside steeling my sleep Night after night it keeps haunting me The secrets I keep it’s tearing me up that’s why running when I’m trying to hide Yeah I’m still running even though there’s no escaping Come undone … Read more

UB40 – After Tonight Lyrics

[Chorus:] Bling, bling… Yeah.. Aweh mi simting, Bling, bling… Emerald cut ring Bling, bling… Yeah.. Aweh mi simting, Bling, bling chapparit and ting Fifty men dead for this golden chain Each link forged by a poor man’s pain Mined from below with sweat & fear Brought to a shine with a widow’s tear [Chorus:] Fifty … Read more

Cats On Trees – Sirens Call Lyrics

[Verse] Whatever way, the same Nothing according to plan If I could just see clearly, into you The same face every day, the sirens calling away This mean so much more [Chorus:] The floating boat is carrying me And I can live my story differently The greedy sirens are chewing all around me While I … Read more

YEEK – Shake Lyrics

[Intro] Hey! Yo! Hey! Yo! Hey! Yo! Hey! Yo! [Chorus] Let’s shake (hey!) Let’s take a ride (yo!) I’m not (hey!) Made out of time (yo!) Let’s shake (hey!) Let’s take a ride (yo!) I’m not (hey!) Made out of time (yo!) Let’s shake (hey!) Let’s take a ride (yo!) I’m not (hey!) Made out … Read more

Ringo Starr – Photograph Lyrics

By Richard Starkey and George Harrison Ev’Ry time I see your face, It reminds me of the places we used to go. But all I got is A photograph And I realise you’re not coming back anymore. I thought I’D make it the day you went away, But I can’t make it Till you come … Read more

Rainbow – I Believe Lyrics

Jigeum kkamahge heureuneun numureun naega anya Oneul nae moseubeun ijeojullae Haneobshi sonman jeobeun naega shirheo Neo ddaemuneun aniya Neo-ui dajinman neo-ui dajinmam Neo-ui ma-eumi yeollilddaekkaji Neo-ui dwieseo naneun neo-ui dwieoseo naneun Aiyaiyaiya Just one cry I Believe I Believe I Believe I Believe Neol weonhae neol weonhae nae ma-eum badajullae Just one cry I Believe … Read more

Jill Scott – So Gone Lyrics

[Intro:] [Talking:] “You’re gonna hear the pages turn. [Singing:] Let me take my Gazelle’s off… “ Don’t want this thing, but can’t let go Even though, I need it so Your arms they soothe me But I ain’t no game, I ain’t no toy, I ain’t just brain. This ain’t no movie mane… I’m a … Read more

U2 – Party Girl Lyrics

I know a girl, a girl called Party Party girl I know she wants more than a party Party girl And she won’t tell me her name Oh no, not me I know a boy, a boy called Trash Trash Can I know he does all that he can Wham Bam And she won’t tell … Read more