Ray J – Wait A Minute F/ Lil’ Kim Lyrics

[Lil’ Kim] Oh uh oh uh yea I don’t think yall ready for this one The Queen Bee knockout collabo’ And if ya don’t know, now ya know [Ray J] I been workin all day (and now it’s on) Pull up and don’t pay (when the line is long) Girls in the club (you wanna … Read more

Queens Of The Stone Age – The Bronze Lyrics

I’ve been waiting Waiting under things That rise in the morning I’ve been holding Holding back so long You can own it Take it off my hands Do me a favor Nothin wasted Just fingerfucked and Busted up all at once I’m so lost out on the highway With no direction left to go Everyday … Read more

Queen Pen – It’s True Lyrics

Intro: Yeah, it’s 97 going into 98 And I’ve been doin’ this for mad years, payin’ dues This is my heart, my purpose in life And finally I’m on Which brings me to realise that the tough life that I had only made me Stronger, …TRUE Chorus: Richard Stites A ha ha ha ha I … Read more

Quincy Punx – My America Lyrics

Rush Limbaugh don’t know shit about, “The Way Things Ought To Be” Let’s over throw the government, Leave everything to me I’ve got a plan, yea You could call it a vision. I’ll be the dictator And make all the decisions. This is my America, That’s how it’s gonna be, I’ve always wanted my own … Read more

Queen Key – I’m Rollin Lyrics

[Intro] My bitch is all I had bitch we off them hittas Hoe keep playing crazy bitch then I’ma kill her Coldest in the game ain’t nobody realer Out of all my bitches and out of all my niggas (x4) Period queen shit bitch Motherfuckers know what time it is Motherfuckers know whats going on … Read more

Quinn XCII – What The Hell Happened To Us Lyrics

[Verse 1: Quinn XCII] We’re like a Wes Anderson movie The way that we dress alike on purpose But lately, we’re not feeling groovy I could use the best advice, I’m nervous So put down that phone for a minute ‘Cause I got more loving in me, yeah It’s crazy, we’re in the position We … Read more

Quinn XCII – I’m A Shlup Lyrics

[Intro] I didn’t do, I didn’t do shit today I really, yeah, ? I just watched TV, I’m a fucking loser No, I was watchin’ today, I was watchin’ that show, uh, MTV Cribs That’s my show, you guys watch that show? You know, where they show the rockstar’s, the rapper’s houses and all their … Read more

Quarterflash – Right Kind Of Love Lyrics

Baby, your love it surrounds me but never gives me half a chance I need a little heart infection ’cause love needs a little romance And we’ll never ever make it if you’re pushin’ me You gotta back up baby or I might leave You gotta show me, hold me and let love breathe tonight … Read more