Watch Out Lyrics – Sidhu Moose Wala

Watch Out Lyrics Yeah Sidhu Moose Wala! Haan! Mxrci! Aaha Section 12 Sadde Naal Handiyan Vartiyan Ne Sadde Modde Chakkiyan Raflaan Ya Bas Arthiyan Ne Sadde Layi Taan Badle Hunde Waang Tyoharan De Jinna Chirr Ni Hunde Poore Ghar Koyi Wadh’da Nai Hoke Tagde Reho Elaan Ae Mera Vairiyan Nu Thonu Jeyon Ni Dinda Jinna … Read more

Wu-Tang Clan – Bells Of War Lyrics

Give me the cue Skip the introduction Proceed the lip function The junction get rushed by some grimy people busting weed Splatter your melons like some Attica felons Use a firearm good Bloods go for heart swelling Insert the spasm Yes the dirty herb has him Thoroughbred thugs insert the phantasm Verbal smarts, spark the … Read more

Weezer – Mr. Blue Sky Lyrics

[Spoken Intro] Morning! Today’s forecast calls for blue skies [Verse 1] The sun is shining in the sky There ain’t a cloud in sight It’s stopped raining, everybody’s in the play And don’t you know, it’s a beautiful new day, hey Running down the Avenue See how the sun shines brightly In the city, on … Read more

Weird Al Yankovic – Christmas At Ground Zero Lyrics

It’s Christmas at ground zero There’s music in the air The sleigh bells are ringing and the carolers are singing While the air raid sirens blare It’s Christmas at ground zero The button has been pressed The radio just let us know That this is not a test Everywhere the atom bombs are dropping It’s … Read more

W-inds – Love Is The Greatest Thing Lyrics

I wanna change me konasumainichi? Akira metari tsukusen ubesu to No! mada kossorinayande Iikagenni akushon okosou toshiteta Imajanai, itsukatte, itsu Kokojanai, dokokatte doko? Kakushin wotsuku itai koto iu kimi wa dare? But only you can make me go Ah love is the greatest thing Kimi ga boku wokaeru Ah love is the greatest thing Dejavu … Read more

Wire – Mannequin Lyrics

Well, you’re a waste of space No natural grace You’re so bloody thin You don’t even begin To interest me Not even curiousity It’s not animosity Just don’t interest me Well, you’re an energy void A black hole to avoid No style, no heart You don’t even start To interest me Not even curiousity It’s … Read more

White Lies – Tokyo Lyrics

[Chorus] Call Tokyo, call New York It’s just same but different, love Call Jupiter, call Lyon Find a right and find a wrong [Verse 1] Go breathe it out, walk your walk Come back when you’re ready to talk But heart ringing, take the call Our life is in print to play Flip the set … Read more

Warren Zevon – Jesus Mentioned Lyrics

I’m going down to Memphis Memphis, Tennessee I’m going down to Graceland Thinking about the King Remembering him sing About those heavenly mansions Jesus mentioned Can’t you just imagine Digging up the King Begging him to sing About those heavenly mansions Jesus mentioned He went walking on the water He went walking on the water … Read more

W.a.s.p. – Arena Of Pleasure Lyrics

I don’t know where I’m going, but I can’t wait to get there, All I know is, I’m just going I ran away from home last night, gone forever I was running for my life And I’ve heard the words of what I should be Live, Work, Die, I am the orphan of the night … Read more