Faraatta Lyrics – Jawan | Arijit Singh

Faraatta Lyrics Kudi Tu Lagdi Hai Faraatta Chhayi Mere Dil Pe Ishqe Di Phuljhadi Ka Dhamaka Hua Tujhe Milke Yeh Mera Husan Hai Chaand Awaara Teri Gali Bhatke Ho Rakh Le Isko Nazar Mein Apni Daal Phir Datke Tu Daaka Kudi Tu Lagdi Hai Faraatta Chhayi Mere Dil Pe Ishqe Di Phuljhadi Ka Dhamaka Hua … Read more

Face To Face – Take It Back Lyrics

I won I worked too hard to get it So what? It’s over just forget it Too much, too soon Too late until you realize You’ve got it made? You’re in for a big surprise That’s not what I want at all That’s not what I wanted Can I take it back? Can I take … Read more

Frank Sinatra – Change Partners Lyrics

Must you dance every dance with the same fortunate man? You have danced with him since the music began. Won’t you change partners and dance with me? Must you dance quite so close with your lips touching his face? Can’t you see I’m longing to be in his place? Won’t you change partners and dance … Read more

Foxes – Body Talk Lyrics

[Verse 1] Days like these I just want you back I can’t breathe I can’t even speak No “La la la la la, la la” [Pre-Chorus] Gotta rise Gotta fight Cause it’s something I wanted Oh, he’s got to go I didn’t see in the light It’s not right Now I know I don’t need … Read more

Foo Fighters – Headwires Lyrics

Have you been headwired Were you satisfied Did it free the feelings in your spine Sleeping way inside all this time Will you meet your mind where the night collides Will you greet yourself when the sun arrives I’ll just stay behind, I’ve met mine Better than a bullet being fired Tangled in your headwires … Read more

Fabolous – Real Playa Like Lyrics

(feat. Lloyd) [Fabolous] Tryin to show you somethin shorty Ay baby girl they say the world is a beautiful place, that’s right I’m tryin to help you open yo’ eyes and see that Ha ha, this some shit, cool shit, real playa like [Chorus: Fabolous (Lloyd)] Hey shorty, we can do it real playa like … Read more

Fairuz – Bektob Esmak Ya Habibi Lyrics

Bektob 2esmak ya 7abibi 3al-7awr el3ati2 Tektob 2esmi ya 7abibi 3a-ramel altari2 Bokra betshati 2eldeni 3al2osas elmjarra7a Byeb2a 2esmak ya 7abibi w 2esmi byenma7a Yeb2a 2esmak ya 7abibi w 2esmi byenma7a Be7ki 3annak ya 7abibi la 2ahali el7ay Bte7ki 3anny ya 7abibi la nab3et 2elmay W lamma bidour el-sahar ta7t 2nadil elmassa Bye7ko 3annak ya … Read more

Flo Rida – Run To You Lyrics

You might now wanna jogg on this one You don’t wait for the summer You already hot, I’m already hot No sweat, no under armor No intense flights, or… late nights, I’ma back if you need a sponsor Yeah ay, the mister alright Come around with a few more… Come on girl, do I gotta … Read more

Free Throw – Dead Reckoning Lyrics

[Verse 1] Reflections from the bottom of a glass A long night spent pondering the past Life and everything that it’s worth Everyone I know could go at any second from this Earth [Chorus 1] How would it make me feel to never fucking see them again How would it make them feel to never … Read more