Ultima Thule – Stolt Och Stark Lyrics

Fцrvдgra mig mjцd Fцrvдgra mig livets glцd Fцrvдgra mig rдtten att hylla mitt land Fцrvдgra mig brцdet ur min hand Ni tдare pе vеare jord Ni tдare pе skalders ord Ni tдare pе vеare kropp, Svea rikes hдrd Ni tдare kдnn bettet I vеrt svдrd Jag slavar fцare vеrt vдl Du trampar pе min sjдl … Read more

The Used – El-Oh-Vee-Ee Lyrics

Stuff your pockets stuff your mouth Much more than feeding Your bloated god your bank account Your empathy’s fleeting Now that you bought the cure, you own the truth, still you want more Down on you’re knees you bleed it out This type of believing Hold on wait. We have had all we can take … Read more

UB40 – Wear You To The Ball Lyrics

I’m gonna wear you to the ball tonight Put on your best dress tonight Did you hear what the man said baby Well be your best ’cause this Gonna be a musical test So come to school, and I take up the musical rule Give me soul brothers and give me soul sisters Come to … Read more

Usher – Can You Get With It Lyrics

Every time I look at you There’s so many things that I wanna do I promise you when I’m ready I’m gonna spend my whole life with you What is love is it steady Cause I don’t know what to do So tell me girl if your ready To do what we came to do … Read more

Unwritten Law – California Sky Lyrics

Imagine, the dreams we had Since we were children are real It’s magic To see their minds filled with the music we feel Well here’s your message from above And if you wanta make push come to shove, alright This ain’t no lullaby We’re right at home in the California Sky Illusions are taking part … Read more

Under The Influence Of Giants – Mama’s Room Lyrics

Something’s got my fill And it won’t get through my head But there’s something missing, something missing here. Here I go again React without a plan, oh But there’s something missing, something missing here. Makin’ love in mama’s room Takin’ all I can from you And when you go, go, go. Go, go, go. She’s … Read more

Unleashed – Into Glory Ride Lyrics

Once upon An evil time Up in the north Mighty men Fought and died By the sword … Onward into glory ride Into battle Sign of the hammer Be my guide Standing proud In victory Into glory ride … Onward into glory ride To Birka we sail (Birch Island) And celebrate Hail Thor And the … Read more

Uncle Murda – Dope Money Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah) Dope money, woo, woo Dope (Yeah, yeah) Seth Rose massive Dope (Yeah), dope money [Verse 1] These niggas don’t know me (Nope, nope) I’m G’ed up, I’m put in work by my lonely (Yeah, yeah) When it’s time to ride, man, I don’t need my homies (Nah, nah) Check my rap sheet, I had … Read more