Xavier Naidoo – In Too Deep Lyrics

You are the beauty in morning You are the beauty in the night And I just want to wake up knowing Everything is just alright Schwer zu sagen, was ich tue Vielleicht finden Sie uns bald Ich genieß’ weiter die Ruhe Und deine Liebe ist mein Halt We are too deep Far too deep to … Read more

XTC – Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her Lyrics

It’s raining on the beach She inches close but out of reach The waves look painted on Seagulls screaming The sea is warship grey It whispers ”Fool! ” then slides away Black coastline slumbers on Seagulls screaming kiss her, kiss her And all the flags that flap on the pier Spell why on earth do … Read more

Xavas – Schau Nicht Mehr Zuruck Lyrics

[Hook] Xavier Naidoo: Und ich schau nicht mehr zurück, Aber wenn ich zurück schau, seh ich nur mein Glück. Alles andere hab ich gerne zugeschüttet, Und mit schönen Erinnerungen überbrückt. Glaub mir Bruder, ich schau nicht mehr zurück. [1. Verse] Kool Savas: Heut ist ein neuer Beginn, Ein neuer Anfang, ein neuer Start, Ein neues … Read more

X-perience – Magic Fields Lyrics

I’ve met the strangers at a place more than a million miles away they were so nice, so full of grace I know they came from far away now I’m walking on magic fields I see the world is the only place to be They took me to a foreign place and then they thougt … Read more

Xutos & Pontaps – Gritos Mudos Lyrics

Neons vazios num excesso de consumo Derramam cores pelas pedras do passeio A cidade passa por ns adormecida Esgotam-se as drogas p’ra sarar a grande ferida Gritos mudos chamando a atencao P’ra vida que se joga sem nenhuma razao E o coracao aperta-se e o estomago sobe boca Aquecem-nos os ouvidos com uma cancao rouca … Read more

Xavier Wulf – Shinjitsu Lyrics

[Intro]: Wulf: Yeaa mane,wassup mane Travis: Wassup nigga Wulf: Got that sack my nigga? Wassup bruh Travis: Throw some up bruh Wulf: This shit, this shit look good as a motherfucker bruh I can’t even lie [Verse 1: Xavier Wulf] Now Imma only speak the truth cause that’s what I do And you a lying … Read more

Xavier Wulf – Wulf Titan Lyrics

[Intro] [Verse] Origami Crane Style Wulf Seven day swing to you foolish little fools I’m breaking shit, wow, I’m disintegrating rules Thousand day ice storm kick to a fool You talk real reckless and you get your own tomb When I say I kill, I don’t mean just physically, fool I will take your pride … Read more

XIA Junsu – Incredible Lyrics

Nuni busyeo itorok areumdaun Nae momi tteollyeo machi kkumman gata Hansungando ttel su jocha eomneun So can I come see you tonight I barame momeul sireo chumeul chwobwa Michil geot gateun mabeobi sijakdwae Gamdanghal su eomneun I see you dance in the light Something incredible something so magical Haneuri maejeojun unmyeongui miracle Something incredible gijeogui … Read more

Xavier Omär & Sango – Just Get Here Lyrics

[Part I] [Verse 1: Xavier Omär] She said, “Babe, are you busy? Do you mind comin’ over to visit? I mean, like, could you be here in a minute? I’m missin’ you more than I usually do” I said, “On me (Me), I’ll be right there prolly right around three (Three) Where you tryna go? Tell me what you … Read more