Xavier Wulf – Wulf Titan Lyrics


Origami Crane Style Wulf
Seven day swing to you foolish little fools
I’m breaking shit, wow, I’m disintegrating rules
Thousand day ice storm kick to a fool
You talk real reckless and you get your own tomb
When I say I kill, I don’t mean just physically, fool
I will take your pride and respect and your food
Fuck you mean, I will beat the life out you too
I ain’t playin my nigga cuz what else can I do?
Call me Eren Yeager, when I swing they say ‘Ooh’
Damn boy, I bet you knocked the shoulder blade loose
I say ‘Hell naw, I’m like a Armored Titan, fool’
Titan Armor, Wulf style, now what you gonna do?
The answer’s real simple, kill yourself before I do
Fuck you mean, clear armor on me and my crew
The ship lookin clean, don’t touch, I just waxed it too
Fuck you mean, pushin down them Cali streets, smokin weed
I swear on me, that’s all a young nigga need
Niggas out here mixin drugs, dead on the scene
I don’t fuck with chemicals, just the green leaf
I don’t fuck with cha if you don’t fuck with me
But I don’t care either way, I’m just doin me
It’s gettin hard to stay humble, niggas tryin things
They won’t learn they damn lesson till you make em bleed
I pulled the blade and he fell to his own knees
He begging plead like ‘Please don’t cut me’
I shook my head and I left him in the frozen sea
I walk away while I tell myself that’s how it be
We control the whole future in a way, you see
Will you die or will you live for eternity?
I got bandz on me but what that mean?
Why this green piece of paper even worth somethin?
Matter fact, I don’t know nothin that’s worse than money
This shit is evil, I wish we could run away from it

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