Sada Baby – Bloxk Party Lyrics

Sada Baby – Bloxk Party Lyrics[Drego (Sada Baby):]
My dog just caught the bag, I ain’t runnin’ from the grams
You got that internet beef, you went straight to the Gram
(Pussy nigga got shot and he ran to the Gram)
(If I get shot I’ma shoot ’til it jam in my hand)
You in your phone all day, ain’t makin’ no bands
I told my lil dog count it as fast as he can
(Soon as he run, it’s off with his head)
(I need that bag and your life like fuck is you sayin’?)

[Sada Baby:]
Like I’m that one nigga, fuck the other side
Percocet and new Patek made me come alive
Like how bomin’ Game? I got the chop on me
Ooh I got the drop on him, JJ up the Glock on him

Man, I got to sneak it in this party, pocket rocket on me
My baby meet you on the side, Chris Rock face
Boy, I can see the whole field right off Barlow
I know they tried to slide ’cause his car out

[Sada Baby:]
Big brick of white look like Brock Lesnar
Got tester, slidin’ everywhere ’cause I’m off tether
I might fuck a Cardi B, Rucci’s offsettin’
Diamonds, wet look like pee, Skuba R. Kelly

Man, I might sing for the pussy just like R. Kelly
I told her pull up to club icky, I’ma change the weather
I got her out her Vickys, she want lick me let up
We been in and out them wars, I swear we need some medals

[Sada Baby:]
I ain’t never had time for no arguments
Big ass shotgun look like Lauri Markkanen
Tula got the ten, AR with the cartridges
Moncler, Rollie arm, wear it as my starter kit
Do you believe in my dreams like Coretta bitch?
Don’t let him come in that dodo, we measuring
This lil bitch Keisha Cole, dog she heaven-sent
Draco lay low and get them extras then
Get to preachin’ to you niggas like I’m Malcolm X
And we got product everywhere, just took it out the press
She hit the road with my load, took it out her dress
She turn me on, now I want to do it
I’m lit, in a foreign whip
Auntie got a script, I’ma flip the bitch
Sweet chin music, watch me kickin’ shit
Yes I can move it, I be whippin’ it
I will pull my gun and get ignorant
I will fuck the party up with my dance moves
I want to take me a trip out to Cancun
But I gotta sit still ’til this bag move
Domo arigato, Mr. Robot-o
If he know like I know, my niggas we got those
Drums with the hollows, drugs in my poncho
I been wanting big bands since a snot nose

The bag, it’s all firmer than my MT, hitters they some gremlins
The narcs hit the block, still gon’ hit the fence in my Timberlands
The smoke on the floor, alright inhale it then
The way you talk you need a show, David Letterman
Ballerina all on it, it’s not sellin’, damn
I called my baby with the quizy, ain’t gotta touch my hands
I know some young niggas really eatin’ in the ten
All this blood from the streets, I need to wash my hands
You never know who out to get you, better watch your mans

Before you get to blowing cheese, better make a plan
First night again, it wasn’t in her plans
Bougie told me fuck the city bro, we want the rest
Who gon’ be there in the end, all this shit a test
All my old hoes say I still hit it the best
Get your mans dog, I heard his watch it tick tick

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