Little Simz – Venom Lyrics

Life sucks and I never tried suicide
Mind’s fucked even more than I realize
Time’s up, keep a league in when she arrives
If you ever heard what I heard in my mind
Never try, you would cry, that’s a lie, you would die

I don’t wanna ever come down from my high
I’m in the best seats, from time, been the next breed
If you comin’, come at me directly
Don’t need no one to defend me
Soul’s in a place even I can’t get to, don’t fuck with the deadly
Mid waves and open seas, quit coastin’ overseas
Fuck those who don’t believe
They would never wanna admit I’m the best here
From the mere fact that I’ve got ovaries
It’s a woman’s world, so to speak
Pussy, you sour

Never givin’ credit where it’s do ’cause you don’t like pussy in power

My, my, if you’ve ever heard what I’ve heard in the night
What a fright, must’ve been a parasite in my past life
I don’t wanna ever come down from my high
My soul will send it to the sky, it’s just you and I
Got mine, I’m feelin’ too alive
Tryna get me out spot

Someone’s gotta pay, I ain’t talkin’ big amounts
Some kind of physical pain
Some kind of trauma and shit
Niggas wanna see dead bodies
Probably locked in and rotting
With no automatic clips
Moving scatty, all eratic and shit
Niggas pussy, lookin’ batty and shit
Oh, you mad? Then come at me, you prick
Make a move, better patent it quick
I assume you’ll be comin’ for blood
That makes two of us, that makes two of us

Venom, venom

Mad time today like we rolled trees
Saved lives and made minds that go deep
Oh he wouldn’t against, him so chill
Part of the day in the life you won’t see
Part of the day in the life you can’t be
Here for, it’s the day in the life of OG’s
Dealin’ with inner demons that won’t leave
Not a word, you will listen when my soul speaks
Down I go, so follow me, follow me, follow me
Actually, don’t follow me, nobody bother me
I’m a mess, honestly, fuck all of your policies
They wanna kick me down and demolish me
Use me and fuckin’ abolish me
I don’t wanna hear no apologies
Or am I in my own head? Can’t tell anymore
So I cut into the depth when I dig deep
I can never find nothin’ left, it’s a mystery
Rage, nothin’ but rage
Can’t figure out if I’m goin’ insane
Ain’t no doubt but we show no mercy
So think twice if you wanna get blazed
Nothin’ ain’t nice ’round here, no games
I don’t wanna dunk nobody in the flesh
True, it’s a stick-up, hands in the air
Put the money in the bag, all cash, all cash

Venom, venom

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