Chris Evans – Captain America: The Star Spangled Man lyrics

[Back at HYDRA headquarters, three Nazi officers, Roeder, Schneider and Hutter arrive to investigate on HYDRA’s progression]
ROEDER: The Führer is not accustomed to being ignored, Herr Schmidt. He funds your research because you promised him weapons. You serve at his pleasure. He gave you this facility as reward for your injuries.
JOHANN SCHMIDT: Reward, call it what it is, exile. I no longer effect his image of Aryan perfection.
ROEDER: You think this is about appearances? Your HYDRA division has failed to deliver so much as a rifle in over a year and we have learned through local intelligence that you have mounted a full scaled incursion into Norway.
SCHNEIDER: The Führer fears… How does he put it? The Red Skull has been indulged long enough!
[Schmidt turns around with visible anger, but sighs]
JOHANN SCHMIDT: Gentlemen. You have come to see the results of our work, hmm? Let me show you. [Enters the lab where Zola’s designs and weapons are] Hitler speaks of a thousand year Reich, but he cannot feed his army for month. His troops spill their blood across every field in Europe. But he is still no closer to achieving his goals.
ROEDER: And I suppose you still aim to end this war through magic?
JOHANN SCHMIDT: Science, but I understand your confusion. Great power has always baffled primitive men. HYDRA is a**embling an arsenal to destroy my enemies in one stroke. Wherever they are, regardless of how many forces they possess. All in a matter of hours.
ROEDER: Your enemies?
JOHANN SCHMIDT: My weapons contain enough destructive power to decimate every hostile capital on earth. Quite simply, gentlemen, I have harnessed the power of the Gods.
SCHNEIDER: Thank you, Schmidt.
SCHNEIDER: For making it clear how obviously mad you are.
[Hutter, the youngest of the three, looks at a map of Schmidt’s targets and notices that Berlin is marked]
HUTTER: Berlin is on this map!
HUTTER: You will be punished for your insolence. You will be brought before the Führer and-
[Schmidt shoots Hutter with one of the guns powered by the Tesseract. A blue ray hits Hutter and vaporizes him. The other Nazis scramble, but Schmidt shoots them all, vaporizing them into thin air. He then looks at Zola, slightly horrified]
JOHANN SCHMIDT: My apologies, Doctor. But we both knew HYDRA could grow no further in Hitler’s shadow. Hail HYDRA!
[The other HYDRA scientists look at one another with renewd determination]
[Back in America, scientists are taking samples of Steve Rogers blood, the last of Dr. Erskine’s super soldier serum]
STEVE ROGERS: Think you got enough?
PEGGY CARTER: Any hope of reproducing a is locked in your genetic code. But without Dr. Erskine it will take years.
STEVE ROGERS: He deserved more than this.
PEGGY CARTER: If it could only work once, he’d be proud it was you.
[SSR agents and Colonel Phillips enter the scene.]
SSR AGENT: Colonel Phillips, my committee is demanding answers.
Col. CHESTER PHILLIPS: Great, why don’t we start with how a German spy got a ride to my secret installation in your car? [looks at Stark tinkering with the submarine Krueger tried to escape in] What do we got here?
HOWARD STARK: Speaking modestly I’m the best mechanical engineer in this country… but I don’t know what’s inside this thing or how it works. We’re not even close to this technology.
SSR AGENT: Then who is?
Col. CHESTER PHILLIPS: HYDRA, I’m sure you’ve been reading our briefings.
SENATOR BRANDT: I’m on a number of committees, Colonel.
PEGGY CARTER: HYDRA is the Nazi deep science division. It’s led by Johann Schmidt, but he has much bigger ambitions.
Col. CHESTER PHILLIPS: HYDRA’s practically a cult. They worship Schmidt, they think he’s invincible.
SENATOR BRANDT: So what are you gonna do about it?
Col. CHESTER PHILLIPS: Spoke to the president this morning. As of today the SSR is being retasked.
Col. CHESTER PHILLIPS: We are taking the fight to HYDRA. Pack your bags Agent Carter. You too, Stark. You’re flying to London
STEVE ROGERS: Sir, if you’re going after Schmidt, I want in.
Col. CHESTER PHILLIPS: You’re an experiment. You’re going to Alamogordo.
STEVE ROGERS: The serum worked.
Col. CHESTER PHILLIPS: I asked for an army and all I got was you. You are not enough.
[The colonel, the SSR agents and Stark leave. Peggy looks at Steve sadly, then leaves as well. The senator comes towards Steve]
SENATOR BRANDT: With all due respect to the Colonel, I think we may be missing the point. I’ve seen you in action, Steve and more importantly, the country’s seen it. [snaps his fingers] Paper! [his aide gives him the newspaper and he shows the headlines to Steve] The enlistment lines have been around the block since your picture hit the news stands. You don’t take a soldier, a symbol like that and hide him in a lab. Son, you want to serve your country on the most important battlefield of the war?
STEVE ROGERS: Sir, that’s all I want.
SENATOR BRANDT: Then congratulations. You just got promoted.
[Steve and another guy seem to be backstage. Steve is getting dressed in spandex super-hero costume]
STEVE ROGERS: I don’t know if I can do this.
BRANDT’S AIDE: Nothing to it. Sell off a few bonds, bonds buy bullets, bullets k** Nazis. Bing bang boom. You’re an American hero.
STEVE ROGERS: It’s just not how I pictured getting there.
BRANDT’S AIDE: The senator’s got a lot of pull up on the hill. You play ball with us, you’ll be leading your own platoon in no time. Take the shield. [As Steve puts on his head mask, he pushes Steve onto the stage.]
[Several women, wearing USA flag designed dresses, dance and sing]
SINGING LADIES: Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American way?
STEVE ROGERS: [reading the papers plastered on the back of his shield] Not all of us can storm a beach or drive a tank, but there’s still a way all of us can fight.
SINGING LADIES: Who vows to fight like a man for whats right, night and day?
STEVE ROGERS: Series E Defense bonds. Each one you buy is a bullet in the barrel of your best guy’s gun.
SINGING LADIES: Who will campaign door-to-door for America? Carry the flag shore to shore for America. From Hoboken to Spokane. The Star Spangled Man, with the plan.
[Elsewhere, they film a movie]
DIRECTOR: Cut! All right, don’t look at the camera.
[Steve takes pictures with fans. Shots of movies, tv series and comics come out. Cut to another show]
SINGING LADIES: We can’t ignore there’s a threat and a war we must win.
STEVE ROGERS: [with more confidence] Each one you buy is a bullet in the barrel of your best guys gun.
SINGING LADIES: Who’ll hang the noose on the goose-stepping goons from Berlin? Who will redeem, heed the call for America? Who’ll rise or fall, give his all for America? Who’s here to prove that we can? The Star Spangled Man with a plan!
STEVE ROGERS: We all know it’s about trying to win the war. We can’t do that without bullets and bandages, tanks and tents. [as Steve talks to the crowd, a man disguised as Hitler walks behind the girls] That’s where you come in. Every bond you buy will help someone you love.
[the kids in the audience see the fake Hitler]
KIDS: Turn around! He’s right behind you!
STEVE ROGERS: The Germans will think twice about trying to get the drop on us.
[Steve then proceeds to “punch” the fake Hitler. He does this in several places while the girls continue singing]

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