Underworld – Always Loved A Film Lyrics

The rhythm of legs moving in the sun The rhythm of an engine deep and throating The rhythm of a summer that you walked in The sound of a barking dog on a loop A plane rises in crystal blue The rhythm of keys swinging in your hand The rhythm of light coming out of … Read more

Unknown – La Marseillaise Lyrics

Ye sons of France, awake to glory! Hark! Hark! The people bid you rise! Your children, wives, and grandsires hoary Behold their tears and hear their cries! Behold their tears and hear their cries! Shall hateful tyrants, mischief breeding, With hireling hosts a ruffian band Affright and desolate the land While peace and liberty lie … Read more

Unheilig – Phönix Lyrics

Wunderlich und wandelbar Ist das Leben Tag füare Tag Garantien gibt es keine Gestern nicht und heute Immer wieder Neues sehen Ist ein Fluch und gleichwohl Segen Hab das Vergangene nicht vergessen Dennoch will ich heute leben Wie ein Phönix will ich sein Tauche in den Himmel ein Wie ein Phönix hoch hinaus In das … Read more

Usher – Call Me A Mack Lyrics

Usher speaking Yo! What’s sup? Hey! My name is Usher, You can trust there ain’t No punks in this house, And if you really wanna know what my name is Just Call Me A Mack Word, Right! Just call me the mack Anytime baby, Cause I ain’t confused Usher singing I maybe got some, But … Read more

Uverworld – SORA Lyrics

Now here we are tadori tsuita basho de And at this point tadori tsukitai basho Life brings joy and sorrow This road leads to my dream Itsu datte sou Play fair sutoriito Taigai wa sou honno sukoshi no koukishin Waki deru omoi wa mou shinken Yurenai thought The past Now Future Forever Support Friend Forever … Read more

UB40 – 1 In 10 Lyrics

[Chorus] I am the one in ten A number on a list I am the one in ten Even though I don’t exist Nobody Knows me But I’m always there A statistical reminder Of a world that doesn’t care My arms enfold the dole queue Malnutrition dulls my hair My eyes are black and lifeless … Read more

UNIQ – Eo Eo Lyrics

[Intro] [Seungyeon]wow wow naeilkkaji we all night Geo nuga dakchideorado rockin dakchideorado rockin Wow wow naeilkkaji we all night Geo nuga dakchideorado rockin dakchideorado rockin [Verse 1] [Seungyeon]E-O-E-O nareul hyanghan saireneul ullyeo Giut giut yeogijeogi nareul hyanghae mollyeo Drunk in love hanjane chwihae Modu nae georo boyeo Yeogijeogi ssodanimyeo hanbeonssik jjilleobone just hold up [Yibo] … Read more

Ufo – Rock Bottom Lyrics

Seventeen and natures queen, you all know what I mean Twenty-one a lone one, you can see the number’s run Now you look so peaceful, lying there asleep With the wings of god above you Before the spirits meet (2)Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom Shallow earth is closin’ … Read more

U2 – Silver And Gold Lyrics

In the shit house a shotgun Praying hands hold me down Only the hunter was hunted In this tin can town Tin can town No stars in the black night Looks like the sky fell down No sun in the daylight Looks like it’s chained to the ground Chained to the ground The warden said … Read more