Brandon Heath – Girl Of My Dreams Lyrics

I just saw the girl of my dreams
I wonder if she noticed me
I don’t know her name yet but I know her friend
I’ll ask if she’s taken or if I could send her some flowers

I just met the girl of dreams
It’s funny it turns out that she
Lives just down the street, we could go for a walk
Or sit on her porch drinking coffee and talking for hours

Falling in love is a beautiful thing
Like every morning’s the first day of spring
God be must smiling down over me
I’m in love with the girl of my dreams

So I married the girl of my dreams
In a chapel in Tennessee
She looked like a princess in her wedding dress
I looked like a penguin and I must confess I was nervous

Now I live with girl of my dreams
It’s different than I thought it’d be
She steals all my closets and tells me I snore
It’s ice cream and Netflix and I love her more every minute
Brown hair, blueish-green eyes
She’s southern as apple pie
In the summer (summer)
I love her

I’ll grow old with the girl of my dreams
Holidays with our big family
Thousands of memories will hang on the wall
Heartaches and laughter, yeah, I’ll take it all and be thankful (thankful)

Falling in love is a beautiful thing
You give up yourself but you gain everything
She’s more than a lover, she’s my best friend
I’ll be her companion until the end
God must be up there smiling on me
‘Cause I’m walking on clouds and moonbeams
I’m in love with the girl of my dreams

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