SuicideboyS – Novus Ordo Seclorum Lyrics

[Yung Christ:]
Blood stained Fabric, Cotton up in a addict
Life so tragic seems like death is attractive
You stepped up into the minds of the Crime infested youth
Ain’t no jobs ain’t no stop to this police abuse
Sorry kid, dread, OD popping pills
Fantasize a steal when you went home without a meal
Welcome to the grave no debate 59 six six six the grey
No escape from my fate, bitch I’m ready to die today

[Prince Mononoke the Frozen SHogun:]
Fuck the police and judges
Fuck the priest that kept judging
Fuck the state and the public
I wanna see tall skyscrapers crumbling
We all meet the shovel don’t have to act humble
Distance myself from the huddle
Nothing but trouble
Find me a nice quiet place in the jungle
Keep it low key keep it subtle
Only a couple aloud in my bubble
Puddle of blood the result of the hustle
Got all my drugs by the bundle
My frontal lobe constantly struggle

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