6ix9ine – BILLY Lyrics

[Shotti & (6ix9ine):] That’s my word, get up in they face Talk your shit, let your nuts drag, nigga These niggas just runnin’ out they fuckin’ mouth, man Follow protocol, Blood, get in they fuckin’ chest, nigga (Scum Gang!) We the fuckin’ M.O.B., nigga These niggas bleed different We don’t bleed, nigga We make niggas … Read more

The Kid LAROI. – SO DONE Lyrics

[Verse 1] Okay, I realize now, that everything that I did was wrong Okay, I realize now, some things are better off said than done Okay, I realize now, that maybe I’m not ready for love Okay, I realize now, I finished us before we begun-un-un [Chorus] I’m done, so done, I’m done with all the games you play … Read more

2 Chainz – Bird Bath Lyrics

[Hook:] Birds in the water I drop them birds in the water [x2] Hit me with ice and the soda I drop them birds in the water [x2] I got 4 pots on the stove Cooking up everyone’s order Watch me go Rippa the ripper Watch me flex up when they check up Watch me go hooka … Read more

8Ball & MJG – Lay It Down 2 Lyrics

[Music plays in bakground] (Eightball we doin this shit once again For you fake ass niggaz lay it the fuck down BEYITCH) [Intro/Chorus:] Lay it down, lay it down You hoes lay it down Lay it down, lay it down You hoes lay it down [Verse 1: Thorough] He’s got his head tilted back on … Read more

6obby – Vintage Lyrics

I’m just chillin’ with some bitches ’cause that’s how I’m livin’ And I’m getting all these stacks, get ’em just for spendin’ Buy a couple Tommy shirts and some Polo fits All I rock is vintage, all I rock is vintage Smoke up in the Audi with those windows tinted Makin’ all this music, give … Read more

10cm – Hey Billy Lyrics

[Romanized:] Hey Billy~ saneunge himi deultende geuman~ Eojeneun nado moreuge tto ttotto mueonga bwabeoryeosseo~ Hey Billy~ achimi meoreun eoneu neujeunbam~ Duriseo nareul ppaenoko tto ttotto mueonga hagoisseo Mudeoun yeoreumbam jichin gisaekdo eobsi otgaji hanageolchingeot eobsi Yosanghan apeunsoril naemyeo jogeumeun jinjihage~ Nareum chunggyeoge bokjaphaejin eorinmame hanbameul jisaeugo Nuneul tteugo billiege eojetbam geu yaegireul mureobogo Ppalganeolgul keodarannun … Read more

112 – All Cried Out Lyrics

[Allure] All alone on a Sunday morning Outside I see the rain is falling Inside I’m slowly dying But the rain will hide my crying, crying, crying And you Don’t you know my tears will burn the pillow Set this place on fire ‘Cause I’m tired of your lie All I needed was a simple … Read more

88rising – I Love You 3000 II Lyrics

[Stephanie Poetri:] Baby, take my hand I want you to be my best friend ‘Cause you’re my Iron Man And I love you 3000 Baby, take a chance ‘Cause I want this to be somethin’ Straight out of a Hollywood movie See you standing there And nothing compares And all I can think Is, “Where … Read more

2NE1 – Fire (Japanese Version) Lyrics

[Romanized:] I go by the name of CL of 21 It’s been a long time comin’ But we’re here now And we bout to set the roof on fire baby You better get yours Cause I’m getting mine Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh… 2NE1 Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh… You’d better … Read more

3 Doors Down – Believe It Lyrics

Small town boy with a big town dream Wants to fly, but he can’t find wings And they said he’s only wasting his time You taste that dream too far, it’s time for you to change If it’s alright by you, can I just stay the same? Cause everybody’s got a right to change I … Read more